These are your first steps…

If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.
– Isaac Newton


This is blog which will follow the steps of my Honours project. From the research, developing, evaluation and, the presentation “finale”. Besides, writing the blog will help me in the following months to clarify my ideas, come back about what I have done and take better decisions.

The main idea of Honours project started a year ago when I heard for the first time the definition of Semantic Web during a class with Dr Simon Wells, who teach Advance Web Technologies. I do not why but his definition and explanation of Semantic Web intrigued me.

Then, somehow, Semantic Web was related with AI (Artificial Intelligence), which it has always fascinate me but because of my lack of Mathematical knowledge I knew I could never do or study something related to it.

So it was related. Applying Semantic Web we could help AI to develop better search engines and connect the data of internet that now doesn’t make really sense to machines to actually, machines that could make widespread interpretations about the “meaning” of the data on the WWW (World Wide Web).

That’s how I started thinking during the summer to do something about Semantic Web for my Honours project. I believe that AI is the next revolution, if it does not it already, and studying and research about Semantic Web and AI technologies can gives the opportunity to work in this field in the future.