The developing of Deep Learning

Looking for information about Semantic Web I always wonder why it has not been implemented during these years, or moreover why most of the documentation I find on Internet are from few years ago.

Well, I came across with the post “Semantic Web is dead” where the author explains that even though the Semantic Web is a great idea, from the last few years the developing and improved techniques of AI and Deep Learning technologies has been unnecessary the implementation of Semantic Web.

This is because Deep Learning is taking over the solution of the problem that Semantic Web wants to tackle without the implementations of these techniques to every website, instead Search Engines develop their own solutions with Deep Learning.

Deep Learning is a class of learning process algorithms. These algorithms are able to develop solutions with many variables. This learn process can be supervised, partially supervised or unsupervised.

To understand how Deep Learning is transforming many industries in the world you can have a look of the next video where four expertise in the materia talk about the past, present and the future of AI and Deep Learning