Global Pollution Interfaces (GPI) is my first Python project which I developed for the module Advance Web Technologies at Napier University.

This is a web application made for educational purposes in which I collect and display information of pollution from cities around the world.

The objective of the project is to create a web application with python flask, in a learning environment Linux-based server set-up, called Levinux. It required a good level of building python flask applications, covering aspects such as routing, URL hierarchy design, static files, request, templates, redirects, responses, templates, sessions, logging, testing, CSS, JavaScript, multiple users, and data storage. Additionally, I have implemented other technologies like JSON APIs, and AJAX.

The website shows the different levels of pollution all over the world. Applying the API OpenAQ , it shows different pollution measurements from the selected location.

It is created with a Levinux server, python, bootstrap (HTML+CSS+JavaScript) and SQLite3 database.

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